i will surely be all right

even if i fall into dimness & dullness but still love, i will surely
be all right. even should i rise into bright & clear nobility, seeing
all kinds of exalted beings, but neglect love, i will surely diminish.

the heart is an open doorway to good fortune & wonders waiting in the
wings for their summoning. the heart is an open doorway into communion
with divine beings in loving humility: a universal donor.

the mind is an endless pathway that wanders, repeatedly branching off in
multiple directions of alluring exploration. the mind: an endless
pathway that leads to distracting diversions & enticing experiments.

when the mind respects the deep wisdom of the heart & the heart opens fully
in acceptance of the minds own nature, cooperation & synergy
of the most beneficial & creative kind can blessedly occur. when
contrasting refined energies come together, agreeing on harmony,
with openness, acceptance & respect, inspiration thrives naturally.

help me to remember this wisdom, Shiva, should a dense cloud of unknowing
obscure the mind with dull dimness. You are the one who remains when all else flees.
You alone know the secret code that will open access to the heart's treasure.

Shiva, You are the source of my strength & endurance. I will surely be all
right because You hold me secure in the safety of Your ever-present love.
the sun gazing down upon us can clearly see that we are but one being.

all at the same time

Shiva, You have given me instructions all these many years, which i
have been slowly guided to piece together meaningfully. i was
so young & ignorant at the beginning, with much to learn & to
integrate. of course, there was & is the continuing pressing need
to mature into my highest potential. it continues to this
day & is still incomplete, yet nonetheless it does provide a sound
foundation. it's more than i had ever hoped for, or dreamed of before.

Shiva, i understand that You are many beings & things, all at
the same time. it is that way in the higher refined dimensions of
existence. You can be God, You can be my cherished inspiration,
companion, teacher, comedian & also my own true divine
identity, all at the same time. the human brain rather struggles
to reconcile that immensity with what we can see around us.

i do struggle to accept that God would come to me. How could i be
so worthy? yet, why not me? why should i condemn myself so quickly?
Shiva keeps on bringing these issues to my attention, showing me
how i limit myself by my own attitudes, encouraging me.

Shiva teaches me that i am none of the things that arise from or
affect the body; that belongs to the personality. i'm not
the body nor the personality. Shiva assures me that i'm
the Life that animates the body, & He has taken me out of
the body to reveal other dimensions of being, all so pure
& beautiful. it changes my life to know of this immensity,
opens me up as if i'm a fresh young flower in morning sunshine.

i can't go back to that outworn way of life that was so defined by
denial. i no longer can stifle the urge to go beyond the
obvious, to climb the mountain, explore the cave, commune with the stars,
seek the ineffable & yearn after the real originating
source of this living, longing totality which reaches out to me.

hence, Shiva, i am Your willing student. i guess that is a bit like
the body's left hand telling the right hand that it is willing to work
with it. the mind is challenged to understand & accept such blended
interconnection. it's best just to allow the mind to rest. Shiva,
You are the One Who is really in charge with Your long game of rising
& falling civilizations. i am but a small part of You, who
has been brought along for the ride & to help. i am teachable &
i am willing. please do continue Your instructions so that i may
be even more effective for You in Your long game, as well as from
day to day. the kali yuga is not going to last forever!