our bodies are hardwired to respond attentively to all that
resembles a face. we are good at seeing faces in clouds, in the
grain of wood, in flowers, in the patterns of stars in the deep night sky.
we live in the midst of many beings & we are naturally
responsive to all that is similar to us & potentially
our kin. it is the face, though, that really turns us on & lights us up.

i think that it is to remind us that we have a lot in common
with all existence. we all share the same basic elements in our
bodies as the blazing stars do, as meteors, as elephants, as
deep sea dwelling creatures do, as the most distant ancient galaxies
do. in fact, everything is made from the same primal holy substance,
so we all are far more similar than we ever are different.

it's all a matter of what one is looking for, & it is wise to
seek what we have in common, because on a mystic quantum level,
we are all there is! Shiva enjoys His laughter through us as we now
find our way back to Him through all the numberless faces & stars &
galaxies. He takes us the long way home sometimes because we seem to
need the experience it brings. the short way is no easier, just
faster, but sometimes we do need that. Shiva is generous with help.

that's why he has given us the gift of a body that is hardwired
to see faces everywhere. He has given us a big hint with that
one! life is all-pervasive, & wherever we look, we are seeing
ourselves in another form, looking back at us, over & over.