i have friends in celestial spaces

sometimes i feel that, like a beast of burden, i carry a load
that is not my own, nor do i know how to remove it. in fact,
by myself i have neither the knowledge nor the skill to do that,
so i endure. i endure, but not passively. i know now that
i'm not alone or without help. no longer am i bowed down
in sad submission, for i have friends in celestial spaces.

i release attunement to the weight of the burden; i let go
of feeling helpless & sad. i reach deep down inside myself to
find the holy chamber hidden in a sacred cave that is not
totally of this world. i let myself become lighter, almost
weightless & nearly formless, as if i am made of drifting mist.

not identifying with the concerned thoughts of the worried mind,
i release my ownership of the body & of its karma.
all my disquiet arises from identification with
the things of the physical realm, especially with the body
& its many adventures, ideas, conclusions, needs & stories.

they are not my own. i have nothing, for i am consciousness &
awareness, formless & free, giving the gift of urgent life to
animate this body, yet not belonging to the flesh-body.

nor do i belong to myself for i am part of one greater
than myself: i am His expression. i am but an extension
of Him, of Shiva, Who keeps calling me to come back to the heart.
He has not given up on me; He knows that i am His & will
do His bidding from love. Shiva gives me the opportunity
to create in the world for Him. this is not a burden, but a
blessing & a true gift that I treasure. it has transformed my life.

Shiva is a living treasure, gift & blessing, by whatever
name He calls Himself. i am here to encourage trust in the deep
natural wild divine which manifests under the banner of
love. this banner ever flies over the great cosmic story of
Shiva, Lord of Transformation, & of we who truly love Him.