a fledgling from the nest

ah Shiva! You often urge me to greater skill & patience,
to develop abilities & to ask more of myself.
You push me from my resting place like a fledgling from the nest
& i feel like i am falling, yet i find that i can fly.
Shiva! You will not take no for an answer though i try.
You will not let me quit nor run away. there is no retreat.

i cry, i sigh, i hide my face, i crawl beneath my blanket,
yet nonetheless i must emerge when the new day calls me forth
& i must push consciously against the current obstacle.
You give me this task to do & though i sag beneath the weight,
i will continue on for You have chosen me to do this
& thus i will though it is hard, for i know i grow from it.

ah Shiva! You often urge me to greater skill & patience.
i know that blessing emerges from this because it comes from You,
who help me spread wide my ragged wings to lift into the sky.