cameo appearance

You have made many cameo appearances in my life, Shiva,
brief sightings to reassure my fragile human self of Your presence.
You have given wonders & miracles to wake me up somewhat.
i am grateful. i wish that i could remain awakened, but dullness
& weariness grip the body, & my initiative has slowly
congealed & become stiff, encumbering me & slowing me down more.

i am old & i am not a hero: i simply continue to
endure. sometimes i feel this must surely qualify as heroic:
just to keep on going! oh Shiva! is it time now for another
cameo appearance? or maybe even a small wonder? i will
wait here for You, alert & observant, continuing to endure,
chanting Your mantra day after day & writing these poems to You.

Author: swadharma9

i am 82, living in a nursing home and deepening my spiritual life as is appropriate as one ages. i am a student of the Sanatana Dharma and a devotee of Lord Shiva.

23 thoughts on “cameo appearance”

  1. “i am old & i am not a hero: i simply continue to
    endure. ” Ahh but you are a hero in my eyes and many more than just mine. You have been gifted with finding the words for the inexplicable..I have said this many times, because each time I read your posts, I am transported to places words hardly ever get me to. Thank you my friend, for your mystical observations, your open heart, your eloquent posts and your pure devotion to your beliefs. You my dear J, are one of the most exciting writers I read:):) Much love to you now and always. ❤️🌹🤗🎈🌟💃🏻

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    1. thank you for your thoughtful & kind response! i dont actually physically live in india, but i do have family there & we talk every day on video chat.❤️ i am american of european genetics, yet my heart truly is in india & my spirituality is rooted there🙏🏼🔱🕉️🔱🙏🏼

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      1. Thank you for you kind response. We have a strong connection because I cae to the UK from Poland but I love India and write about many aspects of my favourite country with the oldest civilisation on earth, over 10,000 old. For this reason I have many friends in India and I am asked to go and live there. If it was not for my obligations here, I would be on the first plane to New Delhi.


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      2. if it were not for my challenging medical condition, i also would be on a plane to lucknow! i live in india in my heart, & my indian family (who have ‘adopted’ me almost 5 years ago) tell me that i am indian in my way of thinking. i am very much a student of the sanatana dharma & advaita vedanta, for decades now. i appreciate all that you have shared here: thank you🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

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      3. You can read it in my blog, it is in four parts, and I wrote in my blog one of the most popular post –

        “ India – Empire of the Spirit”, also, about Ramanujan and Indian ancient sciences, and Ma Ganga.

        If you put in Google:

        it will take you directly to my blog, and if you start the first post in my current series, The Great Books of the World”, it will be about my beloved poet and writer, R. Tagore, the only Indian writer awarded The Nobel Prize for Literature. Who can say better “My heart touches your feet, Oh Lord.”

        Progress, until you come to Ramanujan, other post about INDIA you will need to search.

        Let me know, please how you are doing.


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      4. rabindranath tagore is one of my favorite poets since my teens❤️i have his collected writing at hand🙏🏼❤️i will surely come & explore your blog for the sharings about our favorite country❤️🙏🏼

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      5. My book of Tagore’s work came with me from Poland and now is on my desk, together with Gandhi’s book.

        If you look up my last post from Saturday it is about an extraordinary Indian man, worth your time to read about.

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