the House of Detachment

internet image: lingam
the stones by the Dead Sea are rich with fossils & color. everything here
is brilliant & intense with power: the clear blue sky overarches the
bright blue-green of the Dead Sea. huge flat boulders rest in wadis & on slopes
near the rising tawny cliffs of Mount Yishai. they are dense with fossil shapes:
ammonites, trilobites & other nameless ancient creatures set in stone.

one can walk upon them, those primordial beings who were alive just
as we are now. presently they are wedded to stone, partnered close in a
fixed slice of time, paving the great pavilion of the House of Detachment.
being a friend of stones, i am at peace in the House of Detachment, as
i sit musing long hours with the fossil beings, dreaming with them as they
dream with me. they tell me "dark" & "cold," "bright" & "warm": their sharing is pure &
simple, innocent & primal. it feels like cool air wafting from a well.

our genes blend subtly. we dream together & i tell them about Shiva,
earth's holy caretaker who is known by His shape in stone. Shiva is the
earth reaching up to the sacred sky, sun & stars. He is like a finger
pointing toward the mystery, i tell them. He is a great stone column,
a divine lingam. Shiva is mountains, obelisks, towers, standing stones,
& cairns worldwide. they all announce & reflect Shiva's signature presence.

we who love Shiva see Him everywhere. He is generativity
& new life. He is rest & formlessness, decay of the old & outworn.
the fossil beings dreaming with me understand Shiva. they recognize
what it is to be of-the-earth. they span millennia of risings &
fallings, of villages & kingdoms. we are all cousins, here for a while
peering into the mystery, wondering & pondering together
in the House of Detachment, abiding in Shiva's enduring presence.

Author: swadharma9

i am 81, living in a nursing home and deepening my spiritual life as is appropriate as one ages. i am a student of the Sanatana Dharma and a devotee of Lord Shiva.

5 thoughts on “the House of Detachment”

  1. Such a beautiful thought of life and continuity and contemplation of it All. I too have pondered stones at the Dead Sea (but from the other shore in Ghor Jordan). I felt the weight of history at this lowest point on earth and was also transported faraway from where I sat, Another one for the long list of similar life experiences.:) Your writing and description, is so carefully chosen..You are like a sublime tour guide of thought…I always enjoy where you take me.

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    1. wow, we do weave synchronicities together! the Dead Sea by Ein Gedi is the most powerful place i have ever been & i loved the geology there. i was blessed to live there for more than a year. it still lives in me. did you visit Petra? songs have been written on the Israeli side about the power of Petra🙏🏼
      thanks for the kind words about this poem, which especially had a life of its own & quite surprised me with where it went👁️👁️❤️


      1. I felt your train of thought, speeding on solid tracks… just wonderful! Oh yes in Petra many times, the most magical are the summer tours at night with a full moon. My most memorial, transcendental experiences, were in the Wadi Rum… if I haven’t touched on this with you…I will. Talk later, inshallah:) 🤗🎈🤗

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