where i finally come to rest

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i yearn to be a stone in the restless river, rushing hard against me in
urgent raging flow. a solidly embedded stone, seemingly forever in
the river, can be swiftly rolled into a new abode by the century's
massive flood. nothing is secure in place, all is moving where it needs to be.

i stay in silence, as is the nature of a stone. let the river do the
talking & the moving & the surging to the eager hungry sea below.
let the river roll me long & smooth that i may be a holy lingam in
Your temple, Shiva, serving as i can best where i finally come to rest.

Author: swadharma9

i am 81, living in a nursing home and deepening my spiritual life as is appropriate as one ages. i am a student of the Sanatana Dharma and a devotee of Lord Shiva.

6 thoughts on “where i finally come to rest”

  1. Beautifully said…and I too all my life have been more stone than leaf.. it has taken large inundations, flooding, upheavals of change to move me out of a rut and put me in the next chapter, where I belong..I would like to be a bit more like a leaf, but not totally.. For when I stay for while where I have landed,, I learn and experience things impossible if I would have stayed buried on the bottom..defying the change of time.. A leaf is surrender to every moment..I look back and see I finally surrendered when I could no longer ignore the call..

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