like a river of sweet healing

Buffalo River internet image
there flows a river, cool, deep & mysterious in many places,
yet shallow, clear & inviting in other locales where it broadens
to tumble over smooth water-sculpted stones. the river shelters, on 
her wild pebbled shores, secret sites of profound quiet communion with
companionable energies. hidden realms of vague otherworldly
ambiances flirt with the edge of my vision, subtly enticing.

these are my favorite places. Here, i can be raptly immersed in
sacred primal natural healing. the sun & sky, trees, water, stones:
they speak in tactile messages to the old lizard living at the
back of the animal brain. all of these peaceful blessed beings croon
tuneful comforting ageless mantras to the body's very bones. trees
softly murmur their undertone counterpoint, & the breath gently adds
its own quiet rhythm to the chorus. the river harmonizes
with her liquid burbling melody. lying on the rounded river
stones by the slow-flowing water, i let go, relax & join the flow.
breathing & being, i merge into the entirety of it all
for an allotted eternity, until the mind comes nibbling at
my fingertips, pushing me to pick up my pen & find words to share.

both nature & the mind are active,  prolific, wanting to reach out,
wanting to exclaim, "look! see the holiness, behold the divine hand
ever reaching out to us, blessing." i look, see & listen deeply,
holding it all cupped fast in the depths of my innermost chamber for
Your blessing, Shiva, You who are the Lord of all tender living things.
i am Your innocent little child, Shiva, holding out my pretties
so that You, too, can enjoy the glory of their wonder & beauty.

nature does this to me: erases the thin clear veneer of subtle
separation that goes with civilization, education &
enculturation. nature rises up within the body, urging
the crimson flower of the heart to spread its petals wide & soak up
the light of cosmic love pouring down like a river of sweet healing.

Author: swadharma9

i am 81, living in a nursing home and deepening my spiritual life as is appropriate as one ages. i am a student of the Sanatana Dharma and a devotee of Lord Shiva.

5 thoughts on “like a river of sweet healing”

  1. Such a beautiful post, Joy. Brought back memories of just such a river in my childhood and also the pure bliss of being in natural surroundings. And realizing the spiritual dimension of it all, now. 😊💞🌺

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    1. what a blessing it is, to know such a healing being as a river, a mountain, a tree! they help us remain open to blessings🙏🏼thank you, Diti, for all that you say🙏🏼❤️so true it is!🌞🦋🌳🌺


  2. So beautiful..your spiritual observations of the river.the stones, the journey, the renewal that beckons us to sit by its shore and contemplate it all..How you invite us and entice us with your poem.. Your words call to that old lizard brain in us all and we feel we could heal and become angels, if we allowed ourselves to absorb this holy message. Outstanding and transcending..the river olds a special place in my own own heat and journey.. ❤️

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    1. so nicely expressed! ❤️ thank you, Karima🙏🏼 the Buffalo River in northwest Arkansas was my first spiritual ally that i recognized as such, & i enjoyed many a lazy day all alone with the river on a stretch of those water-smoothed stones. it was indeed healing🥰


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